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Sometimes, you need a partner to help you tackle a challenge from a different perspective. CTI’s consulting services provide the knowledge and expertise needed to help your information technology staff move ahead confidently.

Whether you are moving to the cloud, assessing risk, or trying to stay compliant in your industry, our IT consulting services are built to serve you. We take into account your current technology stack, budget, goals, and future growth to build a plan specific to your business.

IT Consulting Services Maryland

With CTI as you IT consulting partner, you can decide whether it’s a good idea to move your data to the cloud, determine your system’s vulnerability to cyber-attacks, or ensure that your processes comply with government regulations.

CTI experts will objectively evaluate your information technology needs and make recommendations to boost productivity, lower cost, and improve returns on your technology investments. Our IT security, risk, and network assessments examine your current IT needs and pinpoint areas that require assistance. You can be confident that our solution is the perfect fit for you.

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IT risk assessments are the first thing an organization should do, and they are CTI’s specialty. We help organizations review their level of risk and create a plan to mitigate and resolve potential vulnerabilities as quickly as possible.

The IT risk assessment is a thorough analysis of your digital assets and provides a comprehensive report that helps management create appropriate strategies and controls for the protection of your information.

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IT Risk Assessment Consulting Services

Frameworks and guidelines have been established to ensure that organizations meet the thresholds for best practices regarding infrastructure security. Navigating these regulations alone can be difficult, but CTI’s experts can help you review and understand these frameworks. In addition to walking you through the process, CTI can provide assistance in achieving and maintaining compliance.

Our experts can walk your organization through a regulatory compliance risk assessment to ensure that your business is adhering to any and all regulations. A subset of these may include, but are not limited to:

  • GLBA
  • FFIEC Guidelines
  • NIST Framework
  • ISO 27001

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Security and Compliance Support in Maryland

Security is a critical element of any information technology plan. With our IT security assessments we help you identify and fix vulnerabilities in applications and infrastructure that could lead to a compromise in sensitive data. In order to reduce the amount of potential downtime, our security assessment probes your security for vulnerabilities to determine the areas the require attention.

During the assessment we identify controls, evaluate them, and develop a specialized plan to remediate any gaps in the system.

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Identify Vulnerabilities of Infrastructure with IT Security Assessments

As more companies begin moving to the cloud, it’s important that you don’t get left behind. Our cloud readiness assessment can help you determine if your company’s current IT landscape is ready for the move to the cloud.

The assessment reviews the overall data structure of systems within your network. By assessing your IT network, we can determine if moving to the cloud is in your best interest. The cloud readiness assessment also includes IT staff interviews, analysis of critical business applications, and where application or services should reside based upon your business needs.

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Applications of a Cloud Readiness Assessment

IT network assessments are designed to establish a baseline so that our experts can help you develop an optimal technology roadmap for your future investments. We examine your current network and plans for future growth in order to create a detailed analysis of present and future needs.

After a thorough assessment of your IT network, we deliver an individualized, insightful appraisal of the immediate and future actions you need to take to achieve success.

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Disaster Recovery Services Washington DCDisaster Recovery & Design

In the event of a disaster, recovering your data is a serious matter. CTI will evaluate current plans for business continuity and disaster recovery and help you prepare for tomorrow’s resiliency, compliance and cyber security challenges. Our disaster recovery services include a comprehensive assessment to help organizations understand their risk. We analyze your organization’s current technology and future needs to develop a solution to ensure data and application availability in a variety of situations. Once a plan is in place, we test our disaster recovery services to ensure that your data is truly protected. The final step in validating a disaster recovery plan is documentation of your process.

CTI offers a variety of services within this category including:

  • Business continuity planning
  • Regulatory compliance
  • High availability
  • Information protection
  • Disaster recovery

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Disaster Recovery Services Washington DC