Think of CTI’s IT services as the Mission Control for all of your technology needs. You need the right technology in order to efficiently reach your long term goals. We help you reach those long term goals by synchronizing hardware and software vendors to ensure they all work together for the benefit of your enterprise.

Since no business is the same, no IT solution should be the same. Our experts analyze your business and create a custom plan to give you the right technology and services to succeed. We provide technology implementation, service level agreements, customer environment management, and data protection. Our spectrum of services is customizable to your needs, offering flexibility in reaching your business goals.


When something goes wrong in the middle of the night, you want a trusted partner to have your back. We guarantee top IT support and fast response times from our experts 24/7, 365 days a year. Our IT support and service team works efficiently and professionally, and we won’t stop until your problem is fixed.


We routinely monitor your network and infrastructure solutions, ensuring your systems are properly positioned to minimize risk and downtime. Our engineers work as an extension of your team, visiting and evaluating your on-site solutions on a regularly scheduled basis. You can count on us as a dedicated resource for all your technology needs.


Technology is constantly evolving and systems need to be regularly updated to keep pace with business evolution. Our CTI team can assist in the seamless implementation and migration of data to the new platforms.


As an IT consultant, we assess and evaluate your business processes, goals, and technology requirements to establish how to best utilize information technology for your business. After a comprehensive analysis, we recommend only the solutions you need to succeed.

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