What Our Clients Have to Say

Want to know how well CTI can help your company manage information technology? Don’t take our word for it, just ask our clients. Fact is, our clients are our biggest source of new business. That’s because they say CTI has helped them make information-technology a big part of their success, whether it’s growing sales, increasing productivity, lowering costs or boosting profitability.

CTI will be happy to provide referrals to our clients by industry. Just give us a call and we will gladly provide you with their names and contact information so that you can discuss their experience with CTI.

"Ridge Engineering has been partnered with CTI for nearly two decades for assistance in our networking needs and this relationship is ongoing today. Currently, they are leading us to compliance in cybersecurity requirements being flowed down from the government. They have been instrumental in Ridge compliancy to NIST 800-171 as well as DFARS . Their people have a great understanding of security measures and translating what that means to our business while keeping business running. Our account managers have been professional and responsive. We look forward to many more years with CTI as our partner for IT solutions."

"CTI has been our long term partner for over 30 years!  We trust them to keep us up to date with technology solutions and “Tech-A-Day” is a great program that helps us to proactively maintain our investments."

"I can always rely on CTI’s team to be conscientious and competent."

"CTI offers an array of services which we’ve integrated with success.  Their techs are knowledgeable and always perform great work.  "

"We have greatly benefitted from the wide array of services ranging from Tech-A-Day support to project management. The Tech-A-Day program has allowed us to staff our department with highly qualified, professional technicians. The technical expertise from CTI engineers has allowed us to successfully accomplish major IT projects. A retainer from CTI has given us a perfect solution to access prompt and convenient technical support."

"Throughout the many years that we have worked with CTI, they have always provided us first-class technology services. This includes projects to implement new IT hardware and infrastructure, assessments to review and mitigate vulnerabilities and support during crisis and outage situations. Security considerations and positioning of IT assets to meet business true business needs is always engrained in the approach that CTI takes to tackle projects and provide support. I would not hesitate to recommend CTI to anyone looking for a long-term, trusted IT partner."

"CTI has been excellent with their support and service for more than a decade.  The Tech-a-day program has been an invaluable service to provide expert assistance on a regularly scheduled basis."