With our Proactive Services, CTI becomes an extension of your staff to ensure your systems are properly maintained and free of any potential risk. Our IT network management services and infrastructure solutions closely monitors and evaluates your systems to help manage your network, prevent risk, and increase productivity. We send the same engineer for on-site visits on a recurring schedule to ensure that our efforts are efficient and well versed in your company’s unique technology setup.

This IT network and technology management service is for companies that want to take a more proactive approach to their information technology needs to minimize downtime. We call it our Tech-A-Day program.

Our Proactive Services

Proactive network management services help you minimize risk and potential downtime. Our Tech-A-Day program means you can schedule the same engineer for an on-site evaluation once a month, or as frequently as every day. We find it incredibly important for the same engineer to be working on your technology day-in and day-out. Our engineers will become experts for your specific information technology network and become an extension of your team. Plus, there is never a need to reacquaint someone new because the same person will be dedicated to your enterprise.

With our proactive IT network management and infrastructure maintenance agreements, you can rest easy knowing that your systems are safe. During the course of any risk assessments, if we identify any potential vulnerabilities, we act quickly to make sure systems are properly patched to prevent issues. We will identify solutions to proactively prevent further issues down the road. You’ll be safe with us.

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