Information Technology Solutions

Clients turn to us for top IT consulting and solutions. That’s because the information technology challenges of today can be complex, involving multiple hardware and software technologies that need to integrate with each other and outside applications now, and in the future. Our advanced IT solutions are custom-tailored to meet your needs through a comprehensive assessment process, design, and implementation.

No one business is alike, so no one IT solution can fix everything. The main priority behind every custom IT solution is understanding your business needs and reducing IT risk. CTI solutions bring together two critical functions: infrastructure and security. We utilize cloud-based, on-site, co-location, and hybrid infrastructure to build a complex network to make sure that work gets done and goods and services get to market.

Our security and compliance services encompass cyber security planning and risk mitigation, security awareness training, incident response, and industry security compliance.

Our team of CTI experts will bring all the hardware, software, and professional expertise to create a technology network that increases your business productivity and lowers the cost of the benefit of your bottom line.

Advanced IT Infrastructure and Compliance Solutions Maryland

Our Solutions


Without infrastructure, work doesn’t get done and goods or services can’t get to market. CTI’s custom infrastructure services are tailored to the needs of your business. Whether you need cloud-based, on-site, co-location, or a hybrid infrastructure solution, our technology experts continuously researches and chooses the best IT infrastructure solution for you.

Security and Compliance

Security and compliance are mission critical elements for any IT plan. Our expert team builds you network with security as a foundation and routinely probes your security for vulnerabilities, identifying risks and proposing hardware and software solutions. From security awareness training to incident response, CTI is your top security solution provider in Maryland.