CTI helps companies in a wide variety of industries manage information technology to help them be more productive, lower costs and boost profits. We build secure networks, keeping client data safe and compliant with the strictest government and industry regulations. As the leading information-technology consulting firm in the Mid-Atlantic states, CTI has a deep bench of experts who can help growing companies overcome the toughest technology challenges. CTI’s experience expands across all industries, however, some of our best success comes from highly regulated industries such as Healthcare, Financial Services, Education and Service Industries.
 Infrastructure, IT, Compliance, and Security in Baltimore
CTI is a recognized expert on the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the federal law that governs data security and privacy to safeguard medical information. Hospitals and healthcare organizations trust CTI to guide them through regulatory compliance in the healthcare industry by assessing and implementing compliance programs for data security. In addition, CTI provides healthcare companies with the staffing, integration services and support they need to grow their organization.
Cybersecurity and Regulatory Compliance for the Healthcare Industry
Lenders and investment firms rely on CTI to help them develop an information-technology strategy to grow their businesses. Regulators closely monitor and routinely examine and monitor banking, wealth management, and other financial services to maintain the integrity of the financial sector. CTI’s experts are well versed in federal and state rules that govern the financial service industry and can help manage regulatory compliance for financial institutions, helping to protect customer’s financial and personal data. Additionally, we perform posture assessments, which are regularly reviewed by auditors to better understand our customer’s environment.
Cybersecurity and Regulatory Compliance in the Financial Sector
Schools turn to CTI to deliver the best learning environment for students enrolled in kindergarten through college. CTI participates in the E-rate program which provides the hardware needed for high-speed internet and telecommunications services to schools and libraries at affordable rates. We also specialize in higher education regulatory compliance, to assist colleges and universities to navigate the regulatory process. Once a solution has been determined for the institution, CTI will efficiently deploy it. We have long-standing relationships with all of the prominent schools in the territories we serve. CTI’s E-Rate Spin Number: 143045334
Higher Education Regulatory Compliance Maryland
Professionals seek out CTI’s experts because we understand service-level agreements that drive business. CTI can design your technology solutions in areas of security, compliance, disaster recovery, and staffing to meet the needs of professionals in areas such as accounting, architecture, engineering, and manufacturing. For example, our team is well-versed in industry frameworks and guidelines, such as DFARS (Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). We work to solve geographic challenges that multisite corporations face in geographically diverse environments such as secure data sharing.
IT, Compliance, and Security Services in Maryland