The CTI Difference

Since 1985, CTI has been a top provider of IT consulting and services in Maryland. CTI evolved alongside the IT industry and developed a team of experts to build IT solutions to meet the needs of organizations across industries such as education, healthcare, and finance. Whether you need services to safeguard against cyber threats or a plan of action to get your IT operations up and running again, CTI’s team of experts can help. We are constantly learning about the cutting edge of IT services, technology, and consulting as it comes to market and incorporating it into our clients’ infrastructure.

IT Services in Maryland and Washington DC

Fully Integrated IT Solutions

If you are facing IT problems in your company, CTI has the solution. As one of the top providers of IT services and solutions in Maryland, our team of certified engineers can help you quickly identify problems and implement a solution that integrates with your business. Whether you are affected by security vulnerabilities, outdated infrastructure, technical recruiting issues, or regulatory compliance setbacks, CTI has a solution for you.

IT Risk Assessments

CTI’s IT Risk Assessment consulting and services reviews your infrastructure and applications for vulnerabilities that can lead to compromised data. Once we have identified vulnerabilities, our experts recommend solutions to mitigate cybersecurity risks.

Cloud Solutions

CTI offers a wide variety of cloud-based infrastructure solutions that can connect your employees and help them work more effectively from anywhere, increasing productivity.

On-site Solutions

CTI’s network infrastructure experts examine the needs of your business and can build a perfect premise-based infrastructure for you. We stay on the cutting edge, employing state-of-the-art equipment and programs, integrated exclusively for your business needs.

Hybrid Solutions

Depending on your company’s needs, CTI’s experts can build infrastructure that utilizes a mix of cloud-based, co-location, and on-site techniques to create a flexible infrastructure that is easily scalable and accessible.

Security and Compliance

Security and compliance are more important than ever for your business. At CTI we are constantly learning and implementing the latest methods for assessing cybersecurity risks, defending against sophisticated security threats, and building IT security plans to help you stay compliant in your industry.

Consulting Services

Whether you are moving to the cloud, assessing risk, or trying to stay compliant in your industry, our IT consulting services are built to serve you. We take in to account your current technology stack, budget, goals, and future growth to build a plan specific to your business.