Think of the infrastructure of a technology network like that of a city. In a municipality, the roads, bridges, and powerlines constitute the town’s infrastructure. Without infrastructure, work doesn’t get done and goods or services can’t get to market. Whether you need an entirely new enterprise IT infrastructure design, or just a network infrastructure upgrade, we can create a custom solution for you.

Technology is evolving and expanding everyday and the experts at CTI are continuously researching and choosing the best technology for your company. CTI utilizes four main types of infrastructure: cloud-based, on-site, co-location, and hybrid. Each infrastructure has it’s benefits, and our expert team analyzes your technology needs and requirements to recommend a specific infrastructure, or a combination of all four to help your business grow.

Co-Location Infrastructure

Co-Location infrastructure exists when your data and applications are located at a remote data center, preferably on a different power grid than your business. Co-Location infrastructure helps to ensure that your infrastructure continues to run in the event of power failure or disaster on-site, protecting your business from full scale shutdown.

CTI’s engineers specialize in designing, implementing, and testing these kinds of business continuity and disaster recovery solutions.

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Hybrid Infrastructure

CTI utilizes a mix of cloud-based, co-location, and on-site techniques to make your company’s infrastructure easily scalable and accessible. CTI can build a completely customized solution that will meet your business’s information technology needs.

Using hybrid IT infrastructure, CTI will build a technology infrastructure that will be flexible enough to accommodate your company’s growth for years to come. As technology evolves, our hybrid infrastructure improves as well. Our goal is to create infrastructure solutions that scale and stand up to the test of time.

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