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Think of the infrastructure of a technology network like that of a city. In a municipality, the roads, bridges and power lines constitute the town’s infrastructure. Without infrastructure, work doesn’t get done and goods or services can’t get to market. Technology is evolving and expanding each day and CTI is continuously researching and choosing the best technology for your company. CTI utilizes four main types of infrastructure: cloud-based, on-site, co-location, and hybrid. Each infrastructure has their benefits and we use a combination of all four for all of our clients.

Cloud Based Infrastructure

CTI offers a wide variety of cloud-based solutions that can help your employees access work documents from anywhere and using any device, making them more productive. Cloud based infrastructure is beneficial for a variety of reasons such as, we can help large enterprises manage corporate-owned and shared devices from a central location. This is also beneficial for companies that already use cloud-based applications – it’s a completely seamless transition.

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On-Site Infrastructure

An information-technology network requires hardware, software and the equipment that will support the work that you do. CTI’s experts can build this infrastructure for you by using state-of-the-art equipment and programs, integrated exclusively for your business needs. With an on-site infrastructure our team of highly-trained engineers will come to your location and set up all the equipment you will need. As the workplace evolves with new advancements in technology, CTI has the background and the expertise to help maintain your current setup and when the time comes to upgrade, make additional recommendations to keep your data safe.

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Co-Location Infrastructure

Co-location is when your data and applications are located at a remote data center, preferably on a different power grid. CTI specializes in designing, implementing and testing these kinds of business-continuity and disaster-recovery solutions.

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Hybrid Infrastructure

CTI utilizes a mix of cloud-based, co-location, and on-site techniques to make your company’s infrastructure easily scalable and accessible.

The technology infrastructure CTI builds for you today uses a hybrid approach that will be flexible enough to accommodate your company’s growth in the years ahead. Because technology evolves, our infrastructure technology evolves as well. Our goal is to create infrastructure solutions that scale and stand up to the test of time.

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