Security and Compliance Support

Few threats strike more fear inside the executive suite and boardrooms than security breaches of customer and business data. Rightly so, because such occurrences can destroy your reputation, depress sales, spark shareholder lawsuits and even put you out of business.

Equally damaging is being out of compliance with government regulations that govern medical, financial and other sensitive consumer data. The costs in penalties, legal liability, and reputation are existential threats to your business.

Your Cyber Security is Important

At CTI, we know security and compliance are critical elements of any information-technology plan. Our security experts know how to defend against the most sophisticated security threats and understand the regulations that govern your business to prevent any lapses. We build information-technology networks with security as a foundation of the system so you can focus on growing your business without worrying about criminals or government regulators.

A team of CTI experts with strong backgrounds in security and compliance will rigorously probe your security controls. They will identify and propose solutions to fix any vulnerabilities in your hardware and software. On the compliance front, our team will determine whether your business is complying with government and industry regulations.

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Security Awareness

Security threats aren’t limited to gaps in technology. Fact is, skillful criminals can dupe your employees into inadvertently revealing passwords and private information. For example, these scammers can do this with low-tech phones and email, impersonating the boss or a colleague.

Fortunately, CTI provides security awareness training to your employees, helping them recognize attempts to gain access to sensitive data and establishing security protocols to protect your network.

Incident Response

When a security breach occurs, it is critical that your organization response be measured, documented, timely, and appropriate to the threat.

CTI brings its team of experts to the task of identifying, isolate, and remediate the threat. Then we work directly with key management to evaluate business impact and advise on decisions throughout the process. After the threat is removed, CTI works with your organization to minimize the likelihood of a reoccurrence.

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Industry Compliance Solutions

CTI has worked extensively with clients in healthcare and financial services, where security and regulatory compliance are paramount. For example, CTI is a recognized expert on the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the federal law that governs data security and privacy to safeguard medical information. Meanwhile, banks and investment firms rely on CTI to comply with financial industry controls (such as the FFIEC) designed to protect sensitive customer data. In the manufacturing industry, DFARS (Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement) guidelines are required to be met. CTI’s experts ensure that our recommendations fully comply with all regulations for your industry.