CTI Professional Services Team

Our Professional Services Team excels at conducting rigorous evaluations of IT security controls, business continuity and network documentation and is comprised of CISSPs and CISAs with strong backgrounds in security and compliance.  The end result of an evaluation with our Professional Services team is a comprehensive assessment that the client owns.

CTI Professional Services Portfolio

Our portfolio of customized assessments identify and prioritize your business requirements, match IT technologies and processes to business drivers, and deliver actionable recommendations to increase your productivity and reduce costs.

Our IT network assessments are designed to establish a baseline and develop the roadmap for your future IT efforts and investments. Whether you need a detailed analysis of your present and future IT needs or a higher-level evaluation, we deliver a thorough, insightful appraisal of the actions you need to take to achieve success.  Our assessments include:

  • Cloud Readiness Assessments- helps map your company’s current IT environment in preparation for your journey to the cloud.  This assessment reviews the overall data structure of systems within your network and includes IT staff interviews, analysis of critical business applications and their interdependence on internal IT infrastructure, documentation of security and compliance requirements, and a cost/benefit analysis.
  • Network Assessments – making an up-front investment in our Network Assessment will save your company money by ensuring that your technology can expand as your business grows. We design a conceptual network architecture that is aligned with your business goals.
  • Security Assessments – investing in our IT Security Assessment helps you identify and fix vulnerabilities in applications and infrastructure that can lead to a compromise of your sensitive data.
  • Risk Assessment – determines which of your information resources require protection, and identifies steps to mitigate risk.
  • Compliance Readiness – determine whether you are meeting all applicable government regulations and industry requirements and learn how you can become compliant.
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Design – CTI will evaluate your current plans for business continuity and data recovery in the event of a disaster, then help you prepare for tomorrow’s resiliency, compliance and security challenges.

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