By Laura Natcher | Sep 30, 2022 | Product of the Month

In today’s hybrid work environment, your organization’s employees are more susceptible than ever to attacks like phishing and social engineering. Cybercriminals know this and are constantly changing tactics to exploit new vulnerabilities.

Security threats aren’t limited to gaps in technology. Fact is, skillful criminals can dupe your employees into inadvertently revealing passwords and private information. For example, these scammers can do this with low-tech phones and email, impersonating the boss or a colleague.

What can I do to protect my organization from its biggest threat – its own employees?

Fortunately, CTI provides security awareness training to your employees, helping them recognize attempts to gain access to sensitive data and establishing security protocols to protect your network. To learn more about our security awareness training program, click here to request a meeting.

What is SHIELDCybersecurity Solutions?

CTI’s SHIELD Suite encompasses all of our Consulting Services offerings. Our portfolio of customized assessments identify and prioritize your business requirements, match IT technologies and processes to business drivers, and deliver actionable recommendations to increase your productivity and reduce costs.


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