By Lauren Knisley | Nov 01, 2023 | Product of the Month

CTI IT Consulting and Solutions - Maryland



With our Proactive Services otherwise known as Tech-A-Day, CTI becomes an extension of your staff to ensure your systems are properly maintained and free of any potential risk. We send the same engineer for on-site visits on a recurring schedule to ensure that our efforts are efficient and well versed in your company’s unique technology setup.



Our Proactive Services: 

Our Tech-A-Day program means you can schedule the same engineer for an on-site evaluation once a month, or as frequently as every day. We find it incredibly important for the same engineer to be working on your technology day-in and day-out. Our engineers will become experts for your specific information technology network and become an extension of your team. Plus, there is never a need to reacquaint someone new because the same person will be dedicated to your enterprise.





Tech-A-Day Consulting Options: 

  • Network Engineer
  • Enterprise Engineer
  • Cybersecurity Consultant
  • Management Consultant

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