By Keith Millett | Oct 31, 2017 | Product of the Month

LifeLINE Online Backup

How does your company ensure maximum data protection and performance with an efficient and reliable backup and recovery process?

Every day we hear about a database that has been corrupted, a critical document that has been accidentally deleted, or a served that’s crashed. Loss of data happens in many ways.

Companies rely on CTI Backup and Recovery Design and Implementation Services including our LifeLINE Online Backup and LineLINE Office 365 Backup powered by Asigra.

Looking for a Better Backup Solution?

LifeLINE Online Backup powered by Asigra is a Cloud Backup and Recovery solution that addresses the drawbacks and limitations of traditional tape based and online backup solutions.

LifeLINE Online Backup is well-suited for small businesses as well as large enterprises because it scales to the needs of complex environments.

LifeLINE O365 Backup powered by Asigra provides IT Professionals and MSPs with the ability to easily schedule automatic creation of point-in-time backup copies of mailboxes and corporate data residing in Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business. With no limitations on the data size or the number of mailboxes, O365 Backup can easily scale to meet the needs of any organization.

Mitigate Your Risk & Meet Compliance Mandates

Protect your Office 365 data the same way you would protect your on-premise data to avoid data loss as a result of intentional or accidental user error, ransomware attacks, unplanned data overwrites and/or breaches.

Easily accommodate different levels of protection for different groups of users with custom backup sets and flexible unlimited retention policies to meet compliance mandates such as HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, etc.

Finally, a Better Solution!

LifeLINE Online Backup is designed to address backup/recovery challenges faced by companies with data that resides in geographically dispersed locations – across a city, across a continent, or around the world.

Challenges with Traditional IT Backups Solutions with LifeLINE
Limited, over-extended IT resources Cost-effective backup
Timely protection of business-critical data Shorter recovery times
Lost data downtime 24/7/365 protection
Problems with current system Peace of mind

Designing and Implementing the Right Backup and Recovery Plan for a Complex IT Environment

A reliable backup and recovery plan is an indispensable tool for combating downtime and loss of data. Designing and implementing the right plan requires in-depth knowledge of the network. The functionality and availability of all systems is taken into consideration when designing the right backup and recovery solution for your organization.


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