By Lauren Knisley | Dec 04, 2023 | Product of the Month

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As organizations support hybrid and remote workforces, they’re challenged with managing the different devices that access your organizations’ resources. Employees need to collaborate, work from anywhere, and securely access and connect to these resources. Admins need to protect organization data, manage end user access, and support users from wherever they work. Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based endpoint management solution. It manages user access to organizational resources and simplifies app and device management across your many devices, including mobile devices, desktop computers, and virtual endpoints.


Intune Key Features

Did you know that Intune offers the following key features and benefits?

  • Manage users and devices, including devices owned by your organization and personally owned devices. Microsoft Intune supports Android, Android Open Source Project (AOSP), iOS/iPadOS, Linux Ubuntu Desktop, macOS, and Windows client devices. With Intune, you can use these devices to securely access organization resources with policies you create.
  • Employees can use the self-service features in the Company Portal app to reset a PIN/password, install apps, join groups, and more. You can customize the Company Portal app to help reduce support calls.
  • Microsoft Intune Suite offers advanced endpoint management and security. The suite has optional add-on features, including Remote Help, Endpoint Privilege Management, Microsoft Tunnel for MAM, and more.
  • To learn more about Intune, listen to Erik Reitan, Senior Content Developer with Microsoft explain the key features.

Let’s schedule a time to connect with your CTI Microsoft expert to determine if Microsoft Intune allows for your company to adopt a platform that will increase your security posture and simplify management for your end user devices. We hope to connect soon!

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