By Anna Forbes | Dec 06, 2022 | Blog

Migrating to the Cloud with a Maryland Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider is an Easy Decision

Many companies have not yet moved their IT infrastructure to the cloud. Company data and Microsoft Exchange is accessed from on-premise hardware. Remote workers are using a VPN to access files. Your systems may still be working but migrating to the cloud offers many advantages. While you may lose a little control by moving away from your own infrastructure, the cloud promises greater reliability, easier management, and an overall competitive edge. For most organizations, it is the Microsoft suite of products makes the decision an easy one. Microsoft gives small and medium-sized businesses access to cloud-based, enterprise level security, compliance, and productivity tools, all of which work together seamlessly.

Our Cloud Solution Suite Includes:

Careful planning is necessary to make the transition smooth. There is the migration process itself which can be handled offline or online, and there is the need to plan out the licensing and services your team members really need to balance cost, productivity, and security.

Online migration basically means uploading all of your data directly from local infrastructure through a cloud provider’s direct connection service or the public internet. This process is direct, usually simpler, and less expensive. However, limited by bandwidth, it can take a long time (days or even weeks) to transfer large amounts of data.

Offline migration uses portable drives or storage devices to copy data from local systems, then physically deliver the media to a cloud provider. This is an extra step but may make sense for large data sets.

First and foremost, be sure to work with a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) like CTI, to structure your cloud licensing, products and to create a detailed plan for your migration. As a CSP partner, CTI takes the time to understand each business’ unique goals, structures, and challenges. The result is minimized downtime and an efficient structure that will maximize your team’s productivity and allow for future growth. A strong partner like CTI will also anticipate and provide all the orientation and training your team needs. If not handled properly, instead of quickly taking advantage of new capabilities, team members can become frustrated, and their productivity may drop significantly while they slowly adapt to the new platform.

CTI’s status with Microsoft also means they are the first to know about the latest advances and special deals granted through Microsoft. Their partnership they can provide clients with a variety of licensing offerings to ensure your switch to the cloud is smooth and pain-free. Plus, flexible payment methods allow you to be charged for what you use and increase or decrease resources based on your company’s specific needs. Contact CTI to see if you are ready to move to the cloud.