By Laura Natcher | Aug 04, 2020 | Product of the Month

The days of basic ransomware attacks are changing fast. The traditional, “Hack your system, encrypt your data, and send the key if you pay up” model is evolving at an alarming rate. Creative attackers are now focusing on using a customized, targeted approach based on an organization’s publicly sourced business information. The ransom payment itself is often only one of the many costs associated with a breach. We are finding that many organizations fail to understand their vulnerabilities and at times their staff is the weakest link. Below are outlined two hot tips to help your company be better prepared should you find your organization under attack!


TIP # 1

Mapping your IT environment, including applications that reside in the cloud, is key to protecting your organization. If you don’t know where your resources and datasets exist, how can you expect to protect them? CTI SHIELDControls Security Assessment will help to identify and address the vulnerabilities in applications and infrastructure that can lead to a compromise of your sensitive data. For more information click here.

Don’t let the bad guys have your Bitcoins!


TIP # 2

When your organization’s network comes under attack, it’s natural to default to thoughts of traditional defense measures. Companies wonder: “What systems do we have in place in our digital environment to protect us?” Words like ‘firewall’ and ‘antivirus’ come to mind. But most organizations never even think to secure the greatest vulnerability in its environment: the human element. Your employees can be the first line of defense against an attack. Have you empowered them to detect phishing attacks or resist clicking potentially malicious links in emails? CTI’s Security Awareness Training will empower your employees to make educated decisions. For more information click here.


CTI’s SHIELD Suite encompasses all of our Consulting Services offerings. Our portfolio of customized assessments identify and prioritize your business requirements, match IT technologies and processes to business drivers, and deliver actionable recommendations to increase your productivity and reduce costs.

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