By Keith Millett | Jul 28, 2016 | Product of the Month

Why SolidFire?

The agility, efficiency, and scalability benefits  demonstrated from cloud computing infrastructure have raised the bar on expectations for IT service delivery. The pressure is on IT to:

  • Rapidly deploy applications and service
  • Provide more agile and scalable infrastructure
  • Increase application performance and predictability
  • Enable automation and end-user self service
  • Raise operational efficiency and reduce cost

SolidFire is architected from the ground up to be the storage foundation of next generation data centers.

Automated Management

  • Automatic distribution and load balancing
  • Comprehensive API
  • Complete Management Integrations
  • 10’s of TBs to multiple PBs
  • Non-disruptive scaling and no downtime
  • Mix nodes in the same cluster

Guaranteed Performance

  • Allocate storage performance independent of capacity
  • Manage performance in real-time without impacting other volumes
  • Guarantee performance to every volume with fine-grain QoS settings

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