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CTI offers a variety of consultative IT-based assessments to ensure the best solution given your specific needs. Let our team’s expertise guide your vision through to completion by making use of our consulting services.

Risk Assessments

Regular IT risk assessments should be a priority for any data-centric organization. Ensuring the safety of your technology is an ever-changing battle as new malicious tactics come into play, rendering once-effective means of security useless. If your server isn’t up to date, your data could be vulnerable to breaches.

Risk assessments are CTI’s specialty: We perform a thorough analysis of your digital assets and provide a comprehensive report that helps management devise appropriate strategies and controls for the protection of your information. Your organization will better recognize and identify any current risk factors and plan an appropriate solution to mitigate and resolve potential vulnerabilities as quickly as possible.

Security Assessments

The life force of your operations is the data you collect; therefore, IT cyber security is of the utmost importance. Without dependable cyber security measures, you could find yourself the victim of an attack—and your years of hard work and immeasurable amounts of company and customer data would be gone.
Our thorough IT cybersecurity assessments will help you identify and remediate vulnerabilities in applications and infrastructure that could compromise sensitive data. In order to reduce the amount of potential downtime, our cybersecurity assessment probes your security for vulnerabilities to determine areas of weakness. Our assessment will identify controls, evaluate them, and develop a specialized plan to remediate any gaps in your system.

Compliance Readiness

A number of frameworks and guidelines exist to ensure that organizations meet the thresholds for best practices regarding infrastructure security. Common regulations include HIPAA, DFARS, GLBA, FFIEC Guidelines, and others. Is your business compliant?

Navigating these regulations alone can be difficult—CTI’s experts can help you review and understand these frameworks, in addition to providing assistance with achieving and maintaining compliance. Our experts can walk your organization through a mock compliance risk assessment to ensure that your business is adhering to any and all regulations well before your official assessment.

Cloud Readiness

Because of its undeniable capabilities and benefits, migration to the cloud is a smart upgrade for select data processes. If your company is ready for this transition, our cloud-readiness assessment will help you determine if your current IT landscape is well equipped for the move.

This assessment reviews the overall structure of data used by systems within your network. By assessing your IT network, we can determine if moving to the cloud is appropriate for your application(s). Our assessment procedure includes conducting IT staff interviews, analyzing critical business applications, and determining where application or services should reside based on your unique business needs.

Network Assessments

Wondering what comes next for your network? These IT assessments are designed to provide a “snapshot” of your current technological setup and help plan for future initiatives or provide a baseline for other assessments, such as a cloud assessment. We examine your existing network and evaluate plans for future growth in order to address both existing and anticipated needs.

After a thorough assessment of your IT network, we’ll deliver a customized, detailed appraisal of any immediate and future actions that we recommend you take to achieve success. This assessment type is beneficial to any business looking to migrate or update its infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery & Design

Disaster comes in many forms but ultimately results in the same fate: You must recover any lost data and mitigate further risk as efficiently as possible. CTI’s professionals will evaluate your current preparedness for business continuity and disaster recovery, in addition to helping you anticipate impending cybersecurity challenges.

Our disaster recovery services include business continuity planning, regulatory compliance, information protection, and more. We include a comprehensive assessment to help your organization fully understand its risks. Upon analyzing your organization’s current technology and planned needs, our experts develop a solution to ensure data and application availability in a variety of situations. We’ll document your process to validate disaster recovery preparedness.

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