By Laura Natcher | Mar 30, 2021 | Product of the Month

Wi-Fi 6 is HERE as the next big thing in wireless – is your company prepared?


What is Wi-Fi 6?

Known in the tech community as 802.11ax, Wi-Fi 6 is the latest wireless LAN architecture that allows more data to be transferred, more devices to be connected to one access point and more efficient power use. It still works on the same frequency channels as older wireless technology (2.4Ghz and 5GHz), but provides more efficient utilization of these channels to achieve higher throughput.


What are some benefits to my organization?

Faster speed would make working on any SaaS (software as a service) a much more robust experience. Browsing, upload, and download speeds would also increase dramatically and this would result in smoother conference calls and faster file transfers, especially large ones.


By improving the antenna’s Multiple-in, Multiple-out (MIMO) technology, Wi-Fi 6 allows more devices to be connected to access points, as opposed to older wireless technology where some devices fail to connect due to frequency overpopulation.


Last year, Wi-Fi started getting its biggest security update in a decade, with a new security protocol called WPA3. WPA3 makes it harder for hackers to crack passwords by constantly guessing them, and it makes some data less useful once obtained. Current access points can support WPA3, but it’s optional. For a Wi-Fi 6 device to receive certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance, WPA3 is required.


Another new technology in Wi-Fi 6 allows end user devices to plan out communications with an access point. This reduces the amount of time endpoint devices need to keep their antennas powered on to transmit and search for signals. That means less drain on device power and improved battery life.


The Value Of A Proper Design

CTI’s SHIELDWireless assessments leverage industry-standard site survey software and best practices to review the corporate wireless environment, analyze any electromagnetic interference present, develop diagrams to visualize a variety of wireless metrics, and, ultimately, facilitate the proper planning and design of your wireless network.

CTI has partnered with industry leading manufacturers to provide our clients with multiple options for wireless technology, including on-premise or cloud management. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and design the proper wireless solution for your site!

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