By Anna Forbes | Dec 06, 2022 | Blog

Business owners are juggling so many aspects of running their organization, cyber security can often fall to the bottom of list once a basic system is in place. But protecting your small to medium sized business data is critical. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive for you to do it right. Microsoft Defender’s all-in-one security solution protects your business in multiple ways. So you can focus on other aspects of management that need your attention.


Microsoft Defender for Business is set up specifically to protect small and medium size businesses like a full security system protects a home. Here’s how it works:

Threat and vulnerability assessment

Threat & Vulnerability Management

Think of this as the building inspection before you buy the house. Knowing what possible issues and vulnerabilities are leaving your network open to attacks before they happen is critical. It reduces your risk by helping you address your weak points before they become serious issues.
Attack Surface Protection

Attack Surface Reduction

This feature proactively locks out access to outsiders and gives access instead only to appropriate teams in your organization. Therefore reducing possible risks and vulnerabilities by reducing the number of ways into your network. It’s like changing the locks once you buy the house and only giving keys to trusted family members.

Next Generation Security

Next Generation Protection

Beyond the basic system you may have in place, Microsoft Defender’s system locks out attacks including everything from file-based or fileless malware, to spyware, phishing and other threats. Maybe you already changed the locks on the new house but upgrading the lock on the front door and installation an alarm system gives you next level protection.

Endpoint Detection and Response

Endpoint Detection and Response

Helps provide visibility into any potential threats, with advanced tools setting off alarms, allowing your team to respond to the issue where it’s a specific device or file causing the problem. This is your newly installed alarm system and the cameras you have watching the property showing you those potential threats as they approach.
Auto Investigation and Response

Auto Investigation & Remediation

Automatically investigates threats and creates customized responses, acting as a 24-7 personal response specialist, without you having to hire one internally. Think of this like calling the authorities and having intruders taken away and locked up.

All these features are available as part of your Microsoft 365 for businesses premium plan or as a stand-alone application. Whichever route you choose to go for your business, CTI can help set up your system with the protections of Microsoft Defender.