By Jordan Levush | Jul 30, 2021 | Blog

The transition to the cloud may seem like a daunting task—especially if your business has depended solely on on-premises solutions for many of its technical needs. But as technology is advancing and companies are shifting to the virtual workplace, your business benefits from working with an IT partner that can handle and meet every unique request that comes its way. As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) and Gold Partner, CTI is that IT company. We work directly with you to find technology solutions that ensure ultimate security, unified data management, and more.

What is the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program?

Working with a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partner means your crossover to the cloud is made easier thanks to the support and expertise of a trusted IT company. With the CSP program, CTI can offer our IT support and skills to our customers alongside Microsoft cloud services—creating a customized method that helps manage all aspects of cloud migration while meeting your budget. CTI provides Microsoft cloud-based support with the following services:

Make Microsoft Do More for You

Your company has its own distinct goals, business structures, and roadblocks to overcome; therefore, your Microsoft solutions should be just as personalized and carefully selected. As a three-decade industry leader, our team at CTI understands the ins and outs of business maturation within the technical realm. With the push for remote work continuing to rise, the cloud is your business’ answer to guaranteeing a highly productive, fortified virtual office space. 

As a CSP partner, CTI is the first to know about the latest advances and special deals granted through Microsoft. Our partnership allows us to provide our clients with a variety of licensing offerings to ensure your switch to the cloud is smooth and pain-free. Plus, with flexible payment methods, you can be charged for what you use and increase or decrease resources based on your company’s specific needs.

CTI’s Microsoft Cloud Specialists Are Ready to Help

So why should you depend on CTI’s Microsoft cloud specialists? Simply put, we want to see your company succeed and we have the resources and technical knowhow to help you thrive. Best of all, our guidance doesn’t stop once you’re set up and ready to go on the cloud. We’re a phone call away and ready to assist and supply you with best practices for cloud migration, security compliance, and productivity within the remote workforce and across devices. Ready to make a major transformation within your company? Contact us today for more information about our Microsoft partnership and how it can benefit you.