Microsoft On-Premise Solutions

Exchange Server

The IT experts at CTI understand that everyone has their own unique work methods and models. We can help you implement and manage your Microsoft Exchange Server, so your company’s organizational communication system is synched and ready to do more for you.

What’s What with the Microsoft Messaging Platform



Custom collaboration resources
Managing service applications
  • Analyze your business needs to see if Exchange Server is a good match.
  • Assist in the installation of Exchange Server platform.
  • Help with Exchange Server upgrades.
  • Provide guidance with Exchange Server troubleshooting

SQL Server

No matter the categorization of your data, the SQL Server can store and retrieve your data, as requested from other applications, and present insights of your business based on its findings. The database server comes in multiple makes—and CTI can help you determine which fits best for your needs.

On-Premises SQL Server Options Include:

Business Intelligence





defenderWhy Choose SQL Servers?

  • Platform flexibility for building applications—supporting on-premises Windows, Linux, and Docker containers
  • Real-time analytics of your data
  • Offers resources that simplify date integration, management, and intelligence

Windows Server

Whether you’re looking for an on-premises datacenter or an operating system that joins on-premises with cloud-based programming, there are solutions that can do more for you. CTI can help you set up and manage your Windows Server datacenter now and assist you with transitions to the cloud in the future. The choice is up to you.

Active Directory with Windows Server

At CTI, we can help your company’s administration team easily find and access information stored on your network with Active Directory. With this Microsoft solution, a hierarchy is established to appropriately store directory information for each team members’ technological presence—like logins, contact information, computer applications, and more.

Bring your Windows Server workloads to Azure

Run any part of your business in the cloud – on your terms and timeline, and more cost-effectively than you might think.

CoreFlexible modernization and scale.

Add cloud capabilities at your own pace – migrate server apps to Azure and easily bridge existing infrastructure to the cloud in a way that’s right for you.

ProUnmatched security and business continuity.

Get always up-to-date security updates and protect applications and data from threats and ransomware.

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