How to Build a Powerful and Reliable IT Team

By CTI | Apr 30, 2019 | Insights

Talent Acquisition Professionals know that there are many roles within their organization that are truly unique. These are not the type of roles that you simply post for, vet the candidates that apply, and fill within a few weeks of your posting. That process is not common when filling roles in the IT field. In a majority of organizations, talent acquisition  may not always be as knowledgeable about the technical aspects of the position which can make the role more challenging to fill.

This is where we come in. Our staffing abilities are niche to the IT world. Our seasoned IT-specific professional recruiting team have serviced the most rigorous clients; filling roles that impact the IT health of the organization. We specialize in delivering the right IT talent and solutions to drive your organization’s success. We’re IT professionals who know how to find other IT professionals. We understand the complexities of your open job position and know how to locate the right candidates to fill your role. We have three different options when it comes to hiring CTI for your IT staffing, as well as a specific intake process to help make sure our candidates are the right fit for your organization.

Let’s dive in to see how we can help make staffing your IT team easier and more efficient.

Different Hiring Needs

Not every IT position is cookie cutter. We understand this all too well. Because of this, we have options in order to give you the customized staffing approach you need to be successful.

Direct Hire: When you’re ready to hire a permanent professional for your IT team, let us do the hard work. We have a large network of contacts and can work directly with your internal team to find out what you’re looking for in this new professional, and pinpoint perfect candidates to fill the position. We recruit, screen, interview each candidate, check references and would be more than happy to conduct background checks for you if you desire, so all you need to do is select the most qualified candidate for your organization.

Contract and Contract to Hire: For positions with an end date when one of our internal Tech-A-Day engineers is not available, we can supply you with someone to fill that. You may not have the budget for a permanent hire or you might just need help with a project.  Either way the work still needs to get done. We work every day to recruit a pool of highly qualified IT professionals that are in between roles or just enjoy the flexibility of contract work to help with both of those scenarios. Each person is vetted to our high standards and guaranteed to meet your requirements. Again, when you have a difficult project position or when you just need another pair of hands, we know just where to go and how to locate the right talent for your needs.

Our Intake Process

Finding the right IT team member for your staff is crucial to your organization’s productivity and overall success. There is no one right answer for finding the perfect new team member, so we’ve put together an intake process in order to get to the solution more quickly.

First, we want to sit down with you, the experts on your organization, and get to know you. What type of culture do you have in your organization, and how can we best vet someone to fit within it? We believe that soft skills, like social and personal, are just as important as technical skills. By knowing just how your organization runs internally and what type of person you are looking for, we can go sharp shooting for the perfect candidates to fit within that environment.

Once we’ve done our selective outreach, we sit down with each prospective employee and get to know them, just like we did your organization. We have several conversations with our candidate before their resume reaches your desk. We ask them to reach back out to us with questions in order to gauge their interest with your company. Once these steps have been completed, we ask the candidate’s permission to send his or her resume to you directly.

We absolutely make sure that the candidates we send you will fit within your organization and have the skills to be successful on the job. We believe that every person we refer will be a good fit, but it’s ultimately up to you to choose which one’s right for your team. With three or four heavily vetted resumes in your hands, you’re well on your way to building a powerful and reliable IT team.

As your hiring consultants, we are always available to answer questions and tweak our process to fit your unique staffing needs. Contact us today to learn more about our staffing services and what CTI can do to help you build the ideal IT team you’ve been dreaming of.