Companies require efficient and scalable solutions for making data available to servers, applications and users across the enterprise.

Drivers of Storage Requirements

  • Growth – Dramatic growth in data, including both transactional data required to run the business and reference data.
  • Protection – Increased requirements to keep data readily accessible and protected for rapid restoration to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • Accessibility – Need to ensure data is accessible to users, systems and applications across the organization, enabling greater collaboration.

CTI offers storage systems with unmatched business agility, superior application uptime, management simplicity, and breakthrough value for your enterprise.

Benefits of CTI’s SAN & NAS Solutions

CTI’s SAN & NAS solutions offer a range of benefits that address the needs of today’s data-intensive businesses.

  • Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – The flexibility and scalability of a SAN, in addition to reduced management complexity and cost, deliver long-term cost benefits.
  • Data Protection – SANs provide advanced data protection features such as snapshot and mirroring/replication that enhance backup and recovery and DR features critical to up time and business continuity.
  • Centralized Storage Management – By centralizing the management of all storage resources, large amounts of storage can be more easily managed by a small IT staff.
  • Efficient Capacity Utilization – By consolidating storage resources and sharing capacity across multiple servers, CTI can help organizations utilize significantly more capacity per storage device.
  • Increased User Productivity – SANs increase collaboration and productivity, saving time and money and enhancing corporate profitability.


NetApp SANs can be tailored cost-effectively to a company’s needs.  When additional capacity or functionality is required, it can be expanded without downtime or replacement.