Intrusion Prevention

Intrusion Prevention

Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) are network security devices that monitor network and/or system activities for malicious or unwanted behavior and can react, in real-time, to block or prevent those activities.

Network-based IPS may operate in-line to monitor all network traffic for malicious code or attacks.

IPS may also serve secondarily at the host level to deny potentially malicious activity and prevent yet to be discovered attacks.

CTI embraces Cisco’s solution to threat management.

Cisco IPS is available as a dedicated appliance or as an integrated solution into a Cisco firewall, switch, and router platform for maximum protection and deployment flexibility.


As an essential part of the Secure Borderless Network, Cisco IPS is one of the most widely deployed intrusion prevention systems, providing:

  • Protection against more than 30,000 known threats
  • Timely signature updates and Cisco Global Correlation to dynamically recognize, evaluate, and stop emerging Internet threats
  • Industry-leading research and the access to CTI and Cisco’s Security Intelligence Operations

Our approach to IPS protects against increasingly sophisticated attacks, including:

  • Directed attacks
  • Worms
  • Botnets
  • Malware
  • Application abuse

Our IPS services help your organization comply with government regulations and consumer privacy laws that:

  • Stops outbreaks at the network level, before they reach the desktop
  • Prevents losses from disruptions, theft, or defacement
  • Collaborates with other network components, for end-to-end, network-wide intrusion prevention
  • Supports a wide range of deployment options, with near-real-time updates for the most recent threats
  • Decreases legal liability, protects brand reputation, and safeguards intellectual property

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