Borderless Access

Wireless/Borderless Access

The borderless network brings routing, switching, security, and wireless technologies together to enable you to access mission-critical applications with any device from anywhere, anytime — securely, reliably and transparently.

Borderless access services help you transparently integrate and operate your wired and wireless network by helping you:

  • Align your technical requirements with detailed design activities
  • Enhance the performance and security of your network operations
  • Accelerate migration to the high-performance, next-generation 802.11n standard
  • Improve your security management program and business processes
  • Address your ongoing requirement to evolve your network

CTI works with your organization to understand your connectivity and security requirements so that you can effectively collaborate, increase productivity, and allow mobility in a secure environment. Our solutions are designed to reduce the costs of technology deployment and ownership.

CTI’s Wireless solutions include inventory control system, secure gateway access, rogue detection, IDS/IPS. Our services include:

  • Pre-Project Planning
  • Wireless Site Survey
  • Wireless Network Design
  • Hardware/Software Installation Services
  • Security Assessment
  • Support

Whether you need to reduce energy costs, achieve regulatory compliance, or enhance your media-rich experience, services from CTI can help you achieve beyond the limitations of technology.

To request additional information on CTI products and services, email our security expert or call 800-606-6060.

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