Email Encryption

Email Encryption

Communication is key in today’s business world and secure email communication is just smart. With the rise of identity theft businesses are becoming more and more wary of sharing sensitive information via electronic means. CTI can help you overcome this fear by encrypting all portions of your emails sent between you and your intended recipients.

Who Needs Email Encryption?

Email encryption isn’t for everyone but is critical for many.

  • Do you exchange confidential financial or personal data via email?
  • Is your business in the financial, legal, or health care industries?
  • Are you concerned about the email privacy and security of yourself and others?
  • Subject to compliance audits for regulatory policies such as HIPAA, SOX or GLBA?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you need to consider ensuring your privacy.

CTI leads with Cisco IronPort Email Encryption technology which revolutionizes email encryption — satisfying compliance requirements while providing opportunity to extend into areas that can add tangible business value. Cisco provides the only email encryption technology that combines universal accessibility (send and receive on any email platform) with ease-of-use (no client software or PKI). The advanced technology enables organizations to improve their security and transparently protect users from the latest Internet threats.


  • Integrated Functionality
  • Flexible Sender Encryption
  • Support for All Email Platforms
  • Flexible Key Management
  • Total Email Control

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