Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam

Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam

Prevent Viruses and Eliminate Spam

What Happens When…

Your firm has invested in anti-virus software to protect your network. You thought you had established a widespread and far-reaching approach to protect your company from malicious attacks. Then it happens—you receive a phone call. The network administrator from one of your partner companies tells you that your email server is transferring viruses their way. How could this have been avoided? Was there a better way to prepare? Was there a more beneficial approach to deployment?

CTI offers solutions that provide accurate, effective, and easy-to-manage protection against spam, viruses, phishing and other unwanted email.

CTI has a variety of solutions to protect your network, your users and your intellectual property. By combining endpoint security, messaging security, and backup & recovery, CTI can create a secured environment you can count on.

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