CTI can help your organization determine if server virtualization and consolidation are right for you.

With virtualization becoming a critical component to the overall IT strategy, it is important to design the right solution. By implementing a virtualization solution you can significantly reduce your management and overhead costs as well as the amount of physical space allocated for servers, ports, floor and rack space. It allows you to save in energy costs and capital expenses and will increase your asset utilization.

Why Server Virtualization?

  • Server Consolidation and Infrastructure Optimization
  • Reduce real estate, power and cooling costs
  • Improve Operational Flexibility & Responsiveness
  • Increase Application Availability & Improve Business Continuity
  • Reduce downtime and securely backup and migrate your data
  • Improve and Centralize Manageability & Security
  • Deploy, manage and monitor secure desktops locally or remotely

CTI maximizes hardware and IT efficiencies, achieving significantly higher server utilization rates and consolidating hardware.

Virtualization brings many benefits to organizations, allowing you to:

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Reduce time to provision, move, and repurpose servers
  • Consolidate the X86 server platform
  • Achieve significantly higher server utilization rates
  • Dramatically lower power and cooling costs
  • The Business Impact of Virtualization

Shift your focus from maintenance to efficiency and innovation. Help grow your business as you fully optimize financial resources throughout IT (reduce IT capital costs by as much as 60%), shift human energy and conserve the Earth’s energy.

How Can You Afford Not To?

CTI is certified to utilize VMware’s server consolidation and virtualization tools and solutions.

Contact CTI to find out if VMware server consolidation and virtualization is appropriate for your IT environment.

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