Data Center Moves

A successful data center relocation project requires comprehensive planning and preparation well outside the scope of normal day-to-day IT operations. With many IT departments already stretched thin, the chances for success increase exponentially when outside experts are brought in to assist. CTI offers proven experience for your data center relocation.

Once the business decision to invest the necessary resources for a data center move or relocation is made, it is critical to follow a detailed and integrated roadmap to ensure a successful implementation.

Importantly, a data center move or relocation plan requires diligent and seamless integration between the data center facilities plan and the IT organization plan, ensuring coordinated project management and execution.

CTI focuses on pre-design and planning that provide you with an optimal solution to meet the demands of your data center move,

  • Pre-Move Documentation – CTI provides pre-move documentation of equipment, network connectivity, and applications.
  • Identify Move Resources – CTI determines who will be involved and what their role will be prior to, during and following the move.
  • Fully Engage with Both Facilities and II – CTI understands the requirements of both the Facilities and IT departments, and will work closely with both groups to ensure a seamless data center move.
  • Ensue a Secure and Organized Move – CTI specializes in security and compliance. This must be carefully considered when moving physical equipment.
  • Determine Maximum Allowable Down Time Acceptable for the Move – Moves must be coordinated in a time window that is appropriate for the organization.
  • Identify Physical, Server, Storage and Application Dependencies – It is important to define functional phases to assure full business process is returned to service as quickly as possible.
  • Review Relevant Agreements and Contracts – CTI will review vendor leases, maintenance agreements, warranties and insurance policies. CTI will contact the appropriate resources to determine how requirements or restrictions may impact the move.
  • Create a “Move Day” Timeline – A project plan will be created that identifies resources from both CTI and your organization prior to the move.