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Transform Your Data Center Ecosystem

Due to increased pressure to remain competitive, companies are forced to have complex IT infrastructures that are costly to build and maintain. They pour scarce resources into the development of elite data centers but remain unsure of how to control the rising costs or how to effectively measure return-on-investment.

CTI removes the worry that is often associated with data center solutions. We concentrate on allowing you to spend less time concerned with rising hardware and energy costs and more time focusing on those things central to your business growth.

The Heart of Your IT Infrastructure

At CTI, the data center is much more than just networks, servers, storage and a collection of software – it is the heart of your IT infrastructure. It’s job is to deliver essential applications and services to users in a reliable, safe and consistent fashion. In order for the heart to work – critical elements like scalability, energy usage, overall capacity and efficient configuration must be in place. This keeps the heart pumping – effectively managing your workload 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We help maintain these essential elements and maintain the balance of an effective data center. We can leverage our unmatched engineering talent, our innovative technology partners and our best-of-breed assessment tools to minimize complexity, reduce costs and deliver a value on your investment that is truly worthwhile.

Key Benefits

  • Ever-adapting services that change with the requirements of YOUR business and maximize the use of hardware resources.
  • On-demand capacity delivered by an elite of network, computing and storage systems – when and where it is needed.
  • Reduction in energy consumption by as much as 30-80% through the use of multi-core CPUs, blades, server and storage consolidation, virtualization, and power management.
  • End-to-end security that protects your important data and enables compliance with regulatory standards – all fully-integrated.
  • Reduced operational costs and the freedom to have resources quickly re-configured all because of our built-in automated provisioning and management.