Security Assessment

Security Assessment

CTI’s Security Assessment services looks for vulnerabilities in applications and infrastructure that can lead to a compromise of sensitive data. The security assessment can help clients balance time-to-market demands with security best practices. The end result includes an analysis of application security weaknesses and misconfigurations, as well as detailed recommendations for remediation.

Service Highlights

  • Identifies security issues before they can be exploited
  • Helps safeguard the integrity and security of sensitive, business-critical data
  • Enables the secure extension of business applications and infrastructure
  • Helps improve productivity by avoiding IT downtime and increasing user confidence

Identifying Vulnerabilities to Mitigate Risk

The challenge of securing company assets and maintaining regulatory compliance continues to grow and evolve. Virtualization and cloud computing have added complexity to IT infrastructure. And data volumes are growing rapidly, making information security more critical. Even as IT security challenges increase, your clients have come to expect a certain level of data privacy and security that is woven into your infrastructure.

Application and infrastructure security is frequently overlooked during security planning. Developers are under pressure to bring custom applications online quickly and security can suffer in the process. When applications are not tested and validated sufficiently, they can be left vulnerable to exploitation by both internal and external attackers.

From applications and workstations that store sensitive data that needs to be protected to networks and the Internet – security has ever been more crucial. The flourishing marketplace for stolen personal information, credit card numbers, social security numbers and passwords has made information theft an extremely profitable endeavor. Internet criminals harvest much of this information from unsecured applications. Without adequate security, applications might be the most high-risk component of the network infrastructure. As such, applications are also subject to industry and government compliance mandates.

The CTI Security Services security assessment helps clients balance time-to-market demands with security best practices. The security assessment performs attack simulations and a comprehensive vulnerability assessment of the application and the network infrastructure directly supporting it. CTI security experts conduct an analysis to identify security weaknesses and misconfigurations and provide detailed recommendations for remediation.

CTI’s CISSP & CISA certified security professionals understand security from both an audit and a technology perspective. We help our clients perform detailed analysis on current network architecture and identify vulnerabilities using a comprehensive approach to ensure that malicious intruders cannot gain access to your critical assets. We will create a blueprint designed to stop endpoint attacks, detect the infiltrators and establish an enterprise-wide framework for security.

CTI Will Examine the Following Components

  • Key design assumptions
  • Technology Inventory
  • Security Administration Procedures
  • Network Topology
  • Network Access Controls
  • Host Access Controls
  • Authentication/Access Requirements
  • Administrative and Maintenance Channels
  • Business Continuity and Contingency Preparedness
  • Reliance on third-party systems and products

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