Nework Assessment

Network Assessment

Where do you begin when you are looking to streamline the data center, implement new technologies and reduce costs?

How do you determine the technologies that meet your business requirements, reduce costs and centralize management?

Can your network support critical enterprise applications and provide the availability and performance your business requires?

CTI’s Network Assessment documents your optimal technology roadmap. Through the employ of industry best practices and customized design, CTI illustrates how to get your network ready to support your expanding business requirements.

It starts with defining and understanding what you need, what you have, how you close the gaps and what is the business case for this change.

Network Assessments are executed using a three-step approach adapted for your specific environment:

  1. Discovery – Our first step is to identify the effectiveness, cost efficiency and availability of your networks. We do this by capturing and documenting a current snapshot of your network environment and determining whether or not current resources can meet future strategic needs.
  2. Gap Analysis – Once the current evaluation of your networks have been documented, we will collaborate with your team to better understand the following:
    • Organizational needs and business requirements
    • Budget
    • Growth trajectory
  3. Business Case and Roadmap – The goal of the Assessment is to design a conceptual network architecture that is aligned to your business goals. A high-level network implementation plan and road map are prepared in this phase.

CTI’s Network Assessment Allows You To

  • Gain a clear understanding of your current network infrastructure
  • Develop a road map to a more strategic network
  • Identify opportunities to reduce costs, centralize management and streamline the data center
  • Develop a business case to move forward