If you are having trouble bringing in quality talent, look no further. With 30 years experience in recruiting IT experts, we know the ins and outs to finding the best technical experts in the industry. After all, that’s our business.

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CTI can bring that experience to your recruiting efforts too. Using our vast network of IT connections, we can identify hard-to-find experts who will help boost your IT department into a high-performing part of your business.

The value of experts in information technology can’t be underestimated. They fulfill a critical role at every company today. When a glitch can bring an entire enterprise to a standstill, it’s important to have people on your side who have the skills to handle the problem.

If you are looking for an information technology expert to join your team, let us help you find the right candidates. We know who has the skills and the training in your industry.

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Looking for Talent?

We utilize our vast network of IT connections to match your company with the perfect technical expert. Using our IT network recruitment and consulting services, we identify hard-to-find experts that can help boost the effectiveness of your IT department.

The value of an expert in IT cannot be understated. That’s why we not only find highly-qualified candidates, but also make sure their skills match well with your company, your technology requirements, and your business goals.

If you need an information technology expert to join your team, we can take over the process for you, or just lend a helping hand as a consultant and help you find the right candidate for the job.


With our Direct hires, you can “test drive” a CTI employee with our temporary-to-permanent option that allows you to bring on IT talent as contractors or consultants on a temporary basis.


For contract hires, we recruit, screen, interview each candidate, check references, and conduct background checks for you, so all you need to do is select the highly qualified IT candidate who is the best match for your needs and organization.

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We are creating a new standard in securing your next role. At CTI, our technical staffing services do more than just find people jobs in the IT industry; we elevate careers. The IT industry is incredibly competitive nowadays. Stand out from your competition and be more than a number when you partner with CTI.

After it’s all said and done, we’ll stand by your side. Need consultation on a difficult career decision? Need to network with someone you can’t get in touch with? We’re here to help. Our goal as recruiters is to listen, understand your skills and work preferences to find you your next home.


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