By Laura Natcher | Sep 08, 2021 | Product of the Month

You’ve already decided to build your next great idea in the Microsoft Azure Cloud or to take advantage of a new feature with Microsoft 365, but a big decision still looms: What is the best way to procure these Cloud offerings?

You have several options, such as EA, CSP, MPSA, Pay-as–you-Go, and they all come with implications in service and cost. After looking at the alternatives, more and more clients are choosing the one that offers the most economic flexibility and cost savings: engage with a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP).

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The CSP provides a number of significant advantages, one of the most important of which is the amount of savings you can recognize – from license reductions to a more customized support experience with a partner that knows you well. This is why partnering with an expert CSP who knows your environment and organization is crucial.

Economic benefits of using a CSP:

Licensing: One of the key benefits of CSP is the flexibility and ability to just pay for what you need. You are not locked into a defined number of users, so you can increase or decrease as your business demands with no payment penalties.

Billing: With a CSP program, you are billed month-to-month as opposed to an EA contract where you are required to pay upfront annually for the full year. The CSP model dramatically improves your cash flow since you are not paying a year in advance for services you may not use.

Licensing Administration: With the CSP program, you have the ability to access your own licensing portal to add or remove users with an easy click of a button. This ensures you are paying only for the licensing you need!


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