By Keith Millett | Sep 01, 2015 | Product of the Month

LifeLINE Core Offerings provide VMware based infrastructure as a service solution to help organizations who require reliability, security, and expertise delivering cloud based solutions.  CTI’s LifeLINE Core Offerings include:

LifeLINE CoreReplication– The best in class Nimble Storage solutions have just gotten better with a cloud-based replication option for individuals using Nimble Storage devices.  You can now enjoy the best features of Nimble Storage devices with the SAN to SAN replication feature native in all Nimble Storage devices.

LifeLINE CoreRecovery– Designed for experienced VMware users, this solution is intended exclusively for virtual machine (VM) to virtual machine (VM) disaster recovery or SAN-based replication. This solution includes shorter recovery time objectives (RTO) and automatic scripting of the failover and failback process.

LifeLINE CoreDR– Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) is the only out-of-the-box solution that delivers a complete Disaster Recovery Service Management Platform. Centrally managed in one interface, it provides all the technical capabilities including aggressive service levels, and a robust replication solution. Streamline business requirements with centralized management and automated usage reporting.

LifeLINE CoreBackup– Everyone needs a place to store their backups offsite and recover quickly in the event of a disaster.  But not everyone has a second site or the resources to implement an effective disaster recovery plan.  Avoid the risk of catastrophic data loss with the fast and secure offsite cloud backup using Virtacore’s CoreBackup.  Virtacore and Veeam make it easy to extend your infrastructure to the cloud with Veeam’s NEW Availability Suite v8 featuring Cloud Connect.  Leveraging Cloud Connect with Virtacore will provide you with High-Speed Recovery and Data Loss Avoidance.  There is no equipment to buy- just start using the service!

Please email  today if you are interested in implementing these solutions at your organization.