By Jordan Levush | Jul 27, 2021 | Blog

Who says collaboration has to be limited to in-person activities? If COVID-19 taught us anything, it’s proved that we can come together in a totally virtual world and still be as connected, productive, and successful as ever. Throughout the pandemic, our team of IT experts have helped clients safeguard their operation systems so they can work securely from anywhere in the world. Even with the spread of the virus significantly slowing, schools, agencies, companies, and more have learned to adapt to the online workspace—and with the help of CTI’s Microsoft Teams support, you can too.

Remote workers can thrive with the Microsoft Teams application thanks to its easy-to-use, secure platform. Team members can chat within their channels or with specific members of their company, schedule and host video meetings, work on projects in real-time with their coworkers, store files for quick access, and more, and all in one location.

Explore the Assets of Microsoft Teams

1. Complete Tasks Simultaneously
With the Microsoft Teams app, users benefit from built-in protection and trustworthy cloud storage. Need to share a file with someone on your team? Simply open a chat and send it directly to them. From there, you can edit, comment, or complete the document together.
2. Secured Data Across the Board
Working remotely means employees will be accessing company data on various devices. In order to ensure absolute security, Microsoft Teams uses data loss prevention software so that the right people see the right information. If a file looks suspicious, Teams will let you know!
3. Accessibility and Inclusivity
Integrate third party tools and resources within Microsoft Teams, or utilize the plethora of Office applications to complete your projects—the choice is up to you. Need to schedule a video meeting with a client? Plan and host the call directly in Teams—regardless of if the other party uses Microsoft Teams or not. Synching with your Outlook calendar, Teams tracks all of your calls and meetings keeping them organized and easy to join. Best of all, audio and video calls can be recorded, transcribed, and translated—making it possible for everyone to benefit from these all-encompassing features.
4. Employee Engagement
Whether you choose to work within distinct channels based on different employees’ duties (for example, a Creative Department Channel, Media Channel, and Design Channel), or in one large, virtual workspace, Microsoft Teams makes employee engagement happen frequently and naturally. With the ability to directly share content such as GIFs, polls, images, videos, and more, distance will not impact your team’s ability to collaborate and connect organically.

Ready for Seamless Remote Work? CTI Is Here to Help!

If you’re hooked on the idea of cultivating a productive, efficient virtual workspace, then Microsoft Teams could be the perfect solution for your business, company, or organization. At CTI, we’re here to assist remote workers from various industries with Microsoft Teams support. From choosing which plan is right for you—free, Microsoft 365 Business Basic, or Microsoft 365 Business Standard—to providing Microsoft Teams installation, setup, and troubleshooting, CTI is your go-to source for Microsoft business solutions. Contact us today to see how we can help you work virtually anywhere on the map!