By Keith Millett | Feb 21, 2019 | Blog

As a well-rounded IT team, the goal is to be able to handle any task that you come across. And while you certainly want to hire and maintain a broad skill set,  tasks regularly pop up that your team is not prepared to handle. As a business, you have to sit down internally and consider where you may need long-term internal experts. However, hiring new employees or taking on costly training courses isn’t always in the budget. In this case, partnering with outside IT experts can help you find the assistance you need without the added headache or sizable financial commitment.

With CTI’s Tech-A-Day program, you can easily incorporate new technologies or skills into your IT team, without having to hire a new full-time employee or shell out a large amount of cash on training.

The Tech-A-Day program gives you access to highly trained engineers who can work side by side on a part-time basis to complement your team with a specific skill set that you wouldn’t have the opportunity to get otherwise. This isn’t just a one-day thing, though—our engineers work on set days to continue training your team and help to maintain the IT environment necessary for your business’s success.

An Extra Set of Hands

Implementing new training with your current employees can be expensive. Many times, IT training costs range anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 per week, not to mention the downtime you’ll experience while your employees are busy with their training. This also includes the constant upkeep of new certifications and any future training sessions that may occur for newer or updated technologies.

Moreover, it often doesn’t make sense to hire a new full-time employee to take care of a particular recurring task. While hiring someone is still an option, you don’t want a new employee to feel stuck doing a task that they may outgrow in the future.

Our Tech-A-Day program allows you to avoid all of this but still utilize the ever-growing world of technology. Our engineers are all expertly trained and each has their own unique skill sets that they can bring to your business. Whether it be taking care of simple day-to-day IT tasks that you need help with, or fully training your staff on new technologies so that they can work with these tools on their own, our engineers are eager to help you out.

Ready to Get Started?

Beginning our Tech-A-Day program is simple and quick to help with those tasks that keep piling up. CTI’s account managers work with you to learn exactly what your needs are and chart the best plan of action. Then, internally, our team will choose the engineer that’s the best match for you and begin the onboarding process. After the first visit, our Technical Services Manager will continue to meet with you and the engineer to make sure they’re focusing on the right technology, and help make changes to the current plan if anything arises.

Our onboarding process lasts one or two days. Our engineers are well-versed in a variety of technologies, like to the hit the ground running, and are usually up to speed within those first two visits so they can begin helping your team immediately. Once the engineer knows what’s expected of them, they work directly with you or your team to identify and accomplish tasks as efficiently as possible.  They’re always happy to give their expertise on each individual process and let you know what they think will bring you the most success.

Contact us today to learn more about our Tech-A-Day program. Our engineers are ready and eager to work with your team on building new skills and improving your technology.