By Keith Millett | Apr 02, 2015 | Product of the Month

Benefits of Nimble Storage

Accelerated Performance and Optimized Capacity

  • Sub-millisecond latencies on random IO
  • Reduce data footprint by 30%-75%
  • Scale to fit capacity and performance requirements

Instant Backups and Restores

  • Months of easy-to-restore backups on same array
  • Backup windows virtually eliminated
  • Efficiently replicate for affordable disaster recovery

Empower IT

  • Simplify storage lifecycle management
  • All-inclusive features and functionality
  • Application profiles make provisioning a snap
  • Secure remote support and non-disruptive upgrades

The Nimble storage system efficiently stores and serves data up fast enough to satisfy even the most demanding applications, from Microsoft SQL Server to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. It is easily scalable to fit IT and business needs and enables customers to boost performance and capacity, flexibly and non-disruptively for full investment protection.

Reliability is built into Nimble’s architecture. Integrity checks ensure data consistency; highly available, redundant controllers with quick failover for continuous operation and protection against dual-disc failure. Nimble Storage allows storage of primary and secondary data, including backups on one array.

Nimble’s scale-out architecture features dynamic load balancing, which eliminates performance hot-spots and greatly simplifies operations. It also performs multi-array data stripping, which enables any application to fully leverage the collective hardware resources of the scale-out cluster.

Nimble can easily monitor storage, back up data and perform other tasks from the management tools and VMware vCenter using the Nimble Storage plug-in. From one console, Nimble can create data stores, set snapshot and replication schedules, restore data from snapshots, track capacity and performance and create clones in a single operation.