By Keith Millett | Nov 01, 2014 | Product of the Month

Intelligent HP ProLiant Gen9 Servers:

  • Redefine compute economics
  • Accelerate service delivery
  • Boost business performance

In today’s era of cloud, mobility, Big Data and security companies are forced to think about managing compute, storage and networking as programmable elements that can be optimized to meet changing business needs as opposed to individual systems and servers.

HP ProLiant servers are designed with this goal in mind. They deliver more compute and storage capacity and provide lower compute energy and floor space consumption with the goal of reducing your costs of IT service.

Additionally, HP ProLiant Gen 9 servers help you speed your IT service delivery with faster compute, memory and I/O performance and increased storage and networking performance, including lower latency.

These servers are built to excel for any sized business with any size workload with:

  • 4x compute capacity with lower total cost of ownership, maximizing data center capabilities at the lowest cost of service
  • 66x faster service delivery with simple automation, saving admin time and reducing errors from manual steps
  • x faster workload performance to transform the business, growing revenue, margin and share

CTI can help you decide if the new HP ProLiant server is right for your organizations needs and budget. Call us today for more information.

 Your company can leverage HP ProLiant Solutions for:

  • File and Print
  • Infrastructure apps
  • Virtualization
  • Mission critical applications
  • Large databases and applications

Find the right compute for your workload needs.