By Keith Millett | Oct 02, 2018 | Product of the Month

In recent months the industry has seen an increase in the number of O365 customers who have experienced some type of compromise of the platform resulting in confidential data loss. CTI has also seen an alarming threat to the O365 landscape from our own customers. Now more than ever it is important to engage with CTI regarding what O365 security controls can be implemented to minimize threats. Some of the security features that Microsoft has made available include Threat Management protection policies, Cloud App Security, and a dynamic O365 Security Score to bring platform security awareness to the forefront.


The Secure Score is a security analytics tool that will help you understand what you have done to reduce the risk to your data, and show you what you can do to further reduce that risk. We think of it as a credit score for security.


Secure Score figures out what Office 365 services you are using (like OneDrive, SharePoint, and Exchange) then looks at your configuration and behaviors and compares it to a baseline asserted by Microsoft. If your configuration and behaviors are in line with best practices, you will get points, which you can track over time. More importantly, you will be able to quickly determine what things you can do to reduce their risk. the score is calculated once per day. If you make a change to a measured action, the score will automatically update the next day.

What can we do?

Secure Score helps you quickly figure out what actions you can take to improve your score. You can check your action queue and find the changes you can make that most improve your security posture with the least amount of usability impact for your users.


How does it work over time?

Secure Score gives you a different way of managing your risk. Rather than reacting or responding to security alerts, the Secure Score lets you track and plan incremental improvements over a longer period of time. Using Secure Score helps to increase your organization’s security by encouraging you to use the built-in security features in Office 365. Learning more about these features as you use the tool will help give you peace of mind that you’re taking the right steps to protect your organization from threats.


How can CTI help?

Reach out to CTI today to learn more about Secure Score and what we have seen in many O365 environments over the last few months. There are many security features that have been made available by Microsoft of which many users are unaware. CTI is able to provide guidance about the best security controls that should be implemented to minimize threats.