By Keith Millett | Nov 14, 2018 | Product of the Month


CTI’s SHIELD Suite encompasses all of our Consult offerings. Our portfolio of customized assessments identify and prioritize your business requirements, match IT technologies and processes to business drivers, and deliver actionable recommendations to increase your productivity and reduce costs.

Our Consult team excels at conducting rigorous evaluations of IT security controls, business continuity, and network documentation. The team is comprised of CISSPs and CISAs with strong backgrounds in security and compliance. The end result of an evaluation with our Consult team is a comprehensive assessment that the client owns.

Categories of Service:

There are seven categories of service to address the needs of your organization.

– Evaluates the devices, systems, policies, procedures, and practices in place to protect the customer’s information security environment and all assets contained therein. Recommendations for new controls and configuration guidance for existing controls are provided to help eliminate any identified vulnerabilities.

– Looks to ensure a successful, optimized, and cost-effective wireless network deployment. CTI’s SHIELDWireless assessments help organizations to deploy wireless services for the first time, or to assess the efficiency, security, and manageability of existing wireless infrastructure.

– Provides organizations with business continuity and disaster recovery planning, design, and testing services. The goal of the SHIELDRecovery suite is to provide organizations with a robust business continuity and recovery strategy that will protect business functions during and after a disaster.

– Supplies a detailed analysis of an organization’s network by closely examining its infrastructure, management, and security components. SHIELDNetwork’s data collection and analysis tools can identify trends and issues that could negatively impact the organization’s network health, performance, and ability to protect sensitive data.

SHIELDRisk – CTI’s SHIELDRisk product suite provides organizations with a comprehensive understanding and analysis of the current threats to its assets, both digital and physical. SHIELDRisk assessments systematically determine how identified risks impact the organization’s environment, what security controls are implemented (if any) to mitigate those risks, and how effectively those controls are deployed and configured.

– Provides customers in the medical and healthcare industry with the ability to analyze their IT security environment for control strength and effectiveness, and compare their overall posture to requirements outlined in the HIPAA Security & Privacy Rules. Recommendations for new controls and configuration guidance for existing controls are provided to help eliminate any compliance gaps.

– Intended to provide organizations with assistance in the administration and operational management of their information security program. SHIELDManagement engagements provide organizations with highly-qualified security professionals to assist with the design, implementation, and maintenance of the organization’s information security program.


Levels of Service:

Express: Our lightest and most affordable level of service. This is ideal for companies that are looking to secure their network but are not mandated by regulatory compliance restrictions.
Core: This is our standard and most popular assessment level. Resulting documentation provides the customer a qualitative understanding of their current environment.
Pro: Our most comprehensive level of assessment. Pro offerings are designed to give clients a thorough understanding of their environment. Ideal for companies under strict regulations.


Next Steps:

If you are unsure about which category or level of service best suits your needs, CTI can help. There are components to each category that the CTI Consult team can use to determine what would provide you with the best possible solution. Once you engage with CTI, the Consult team can break down the differences between the levels for each category. As with any service, we have the ability to customize our services to meet your specific needs.


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