By Laura Natcher | Oct 29, 2021 | Product of the Month

The BIGGEST cyber threat to your organization?
Your employees!

Estimated global losses from cybercrime for 2020 reached just shy of a record $1 trillion! The coronavirus pandemic provided increased opportunities for hackers to target both consumers and businesses.

Deploying technical controls to protect your company’s valuable information is only part of the battle. Many times, firewall and IPS technologies can do little to protect you against a social engineering or well-crafted phishing attack.

The “human element” is a common weakness among security infrastructures of every shape and size. Security Awareness Training is recommended as a key part of a strong information security management program by many frameworks (NIST, CoBIT, ISO/IEC 27000 series) and is even required by some compliance standards (HIPAA, PCI DSS) and state privacy laws.

Your employees are the front line defenders against those seeking to harm your network. Make sure that you have prepared them to defend it!


What is CTI Security Awareness Training?

CTI can develop instructor-led courses for organizations of all sizes.

Our security experts will cover topics such as:

  • Password Security
  • Physical Security
  • Identifying and Defending Against Social Engineering Attacks
  • Social Media Best Practices
  • Increasing Web & Email Security

Let CTI customize a training program to fit the unique needs of your organization.


How can I learn more?

Don’t be another victim of cybercrime. Protect your company and your employees by contacting CTI to schedule a meeting with our Cybersecurity team!