By Keith Millett | Jun 15, 2017 | Blog

New NetApp Solutions and Services for Hybrid Cloud Power Customer Success in the Data-Driven World


In the most far-reaching innovation announcement in its 25-year history, NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP) introduced new hybrid cloud offerings that give customers unprecedented ability to use data for competitive advantage.

The announcements expand the company’s Data Fabric solutions and services portfolio to include the industry’s first enterprise-scale hyper converged solution (HCI), new consumption purchase models, improved all-flash capabilities, and hybrid cloud offerings that simplify moving data to and from the public cloud.

With digital transformation at the top of their agendas, global business leaders need new ways to harness their most valuable asset – their data. Time, skill, and budget gaps pose traditional challenges, but organizations must also contend with exploding volumes of data that are much more distributed, dynamic, and diverse.

NetApp’s hybrid cloud innovations allow customers to break down barriers to transformation by helping them to unify data across the widest range of cloud and on-premises environments. When data is at the heart of transformation, organizations are empowered to create more customer touchpoints, foster greater innovation, and optimize operations.

NetApp HCI

NetApp HCI solves the limitations in the current generation of HCI offerings in four key ways :
  1. Guaranteed Performance – NetApp HCI provides the solution with unique Quality of Service (QoS) limits, allowing the granular control of every application, eliminating noisy neighbors, and satisfying all performance SLAs. You can deploy all your applications on a shared platform, predictably and with confidence. Expect to eliminate more than 90% of traditional performance-related problems.
  2. Flexibility and Scale – The architectural design choices NetApp has made means you can now confidently scale on your terms, making HCI viable for core data center applications and platforms, for the very first time.
  3. Automated Infrastructure –  NetApp HCI allows IT departments to become more agile and responsive by simplifying deployment and ongoing management. 
  4. The NetApp Data Fabric – If you choose one of the first generation of HCI platforms, you will likely be introducing a new silo of resources into your infrastructure. In contrast, NetApp HCI integrates into the NetApp Data Fabric for enhanced data portability, visibility, and protection. The NetApp Data Fabric removes lock-in and provides you a new level of choice.

Learn more about the very first HCI platform designed for enterprise-scale applications on the NetApp website.

To learn more about choosing the best HCI platform to deliver all your virtualized applications, with guaranteed performance, contact CTI. Learn more about all of the recently announced NetApp solutions and services for hybrid cloud power customer success by visiting the NetApp website.