By Jordan Levush | Jul 19, 2021 | Blog

Having to create a strong, secure password for your various accounts—both professional and personal—can make it difficult to keep track of which password grants you access where. The frustration of forgetting a password, the fear of who can access your sensitive information, and the inconvenience of having to use extraordinary characters to manage the log ins for all of your different accounts, can be simplified and streamlined with Microsoft Authenticator and technical assistance from CTI.

What is Microsoft Authenticator?

No matter the industry your business falls under, Microsoft Authenticator ensures that your various accounts are protected and that your information is viewed, used, and distributed by the appropriate parties. With the use of two-factor verification, your employees can feel at ease knowing that their workday will not be disrupted due to password theft or login failures.

While it may seem like a hinderance to type in your username, password, and then complete the verification process, the added protection is a plus that cannot be overlooked—especially when dealing with private data for “your eyes only” or safeguarding accounts across different platforms or applications. Plus, users can choose their method of verification or how they wish to access their accounts if the three-step process doesn’t suit their needs.

What Does the App Do?

Now that you know what Microsoft Authenticator is, what exactly does it do and how does it work? Using Microsoft Authenticator, individuals can setup and choose from access options such as:

  • Two-step verification—simply type in your username, password, and complete a specific prompt
  • Depend on password-free access with the Authenticator app—all you need to know is your username and then complete a confirmation prompt on an additional device (like your mobile phone)
  • Use your fingerprint, face recognition technology, or a special PIN
  • Create a unique QR code that grants personalized access
  • Using the mobile app, match the number that appears on your computer screen to the one that appears on your phone or alternative device

In addition to efficiently accessing your accounts and information, if you forget your log-in information and need to retrieve or reset your credentials, Microsoft Authenticator can quickly and safely walk you through the process. But the safety standards don’t stop there. Using time-based one-time passwords, Microsoft Authenticator can produce distinct codes that can be used one time, and one time only.

How Can My Business Benefit From This?

Because needs vary across companies, and people work on a plethora of different devices—think make and model—Microsoft Authenticator’s tools and resources can be used on phones, computers, laptops, tablets, and more. While administrators have the option to create employees’ accounts and oversee the verification process and method of access, the app also allows individual users to select the confirmation process of their choice. Best of all, Microsoft Authenticator isn’t limited to just business accounts, it can be used with personal Microsoft accounts and non-Microsoft accounts too.

Find Peace of Mind with CTI

At CTI, security and compliance is second nature. Ready for ultimate safety and effortless access? We can assist your business with downloading and installing the Microsoft Authenticator app—plus we’re here to help with any sign-in support or troubleshooting needs.