By Keith Millett | Mar 09, 2018 | Product of the Month

Duo: A Total Access Solution

Duo’s Trusted Access solution combines user identity, device control, and application protection to provide a secure and reliable solution to protect your business. The first step is user identity confirmation through two-factor authentication (2FA) and user access policies. Trusted Users combines with complete device control to screen what is accessing your company’s assets. Check the security health of your users’ devices and block access by risky devices. The final component of the solution is to protect every application that your business relies on, including on-premise or cloud based. Security is built into everything Duo does.

In today’s era, employees are working from different locations, using personal devices to remotely log into your applications. Security has to be a top concern. Duo is designed to work with your technology, people and their devices.

Learn more about Two-Factor Authentication in the video below:


Why Switch to Duo?

  1. Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – Duo’s TCO is nearly 60% lower than that of RSA’s. This can be found across initial deployment and ongoing maintenance through administrative costs and end user costs.
  2. Easier for End Users –  With Duo’s free mobile app, users take part in a quick self-enrollment process that makes end user interaction painless.
  3. Easier to Administer – Duo offers the fastest enterprise-scale deployment of two-factor authentication. Upgrades are automatically rolled out on a two-week cycle, requiring no support from your team.
  4. Better Security – Duo is designed with asymmetric cryptography to sign and verify communications between Duo’s servers and a user’s smartphone. A private key stays on the mobile device, and is used to sign all authentication responses, while the public key is used to verify the signature on the server side. That means an attacker can’t access your accounts even if they breached our servers.
  5. Duo Does More – Along with two-factor authentication, Duo also provides endpoint security and visibility. Administrators can also create controls, enable policies and enforce them to address specific threats.

Learn more about Duo but completing the form on this page. A CTI team member will reach out to you to begin the process of increasing your company’s security.