By Kayla Twain | Mar 11, 2020 | Product of the Month, Uncategorized

Your data is invaluable- how are you protecting it?

As data volumes explode, the value of data continues to exponentially increase. Multiple environments can complicate matters even more- how do you manage a heterogeneous IT environment that is constantly evolving? Enter: Veeam Availability Suite v10- the same incredible single management platform that works across any cloud, virtual or physical environment you’ve come to expect from Veeam, but with some serious upgrades!

What’s new with v10?

  1. Better Backup: Modernize and simplify the protection of unstructured file data and file servers at scale with powerful new capabilities that bring flexibility to NAS data protection and recovery, greatly reducing storage costs while improving recover times.
  2. Faster Recovery: Instantly recover ANY Veeam backup to VMware vSphere within minutes, providing you with the speed, flexibility and portability required when recovering or migrating your data.
  3. Smarter Data: Scale infinitely and do even more with the infinite capacity and security that the Veeam Cloud Tier object storage integration provides. Ensure your backups are recoverable and 100% protected from ransomware with Amazon S3 Object Lock Immutability.


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