By Laura Natcher | Jul 07, 2020 | Product of the Month

In current times, an increasing number of organizations are providing for their employees to access corporate networks and work remotely. Employees are using an extensive list of devices, both company issued as well as employee owned. In many cases, organizations have reported that they have lost control in managing these devices which creates immediate Cybersecurity risks. Attackers are fully aware of this threat vector, making these networks an easy target and introducing risk to the organization.


The Cybersecurity industry is reporting an increase in malware and other targeted attacks using the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as a hook to attack victims.

CTI’s SHIELDControls – Remote Assessment will provide you with an easy to understand document outlining the security posture of your remote/telework employees.

Assessment Benefits:

Improve Knowledge and Understanding of Security Risks – Security assessments like CTI’s SHIELDControls – Remote help to highlight current IT Cybersecurity threats and bring increased understanding of risks associated with remote/telework posture.

Improve the Overall Security System – The organization’s overall remote/telework security posture will improve, allowing for proactive resolution of identified security weaknesses.

Meet Regulatory Compliance Standards – Compliance with regulatory standards is mandatory in many industries. Failure to adhere to required standards could result in financial penalties, reputational damage, operational disruptions, and or legal ramifications.

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