Hiring IT: Overcoming the Difficulties and Building Your Dream Team

By CTI | Jun 02, 2019 | Blog

The hiring process is no walk in the park.

And, with the US unemployment rate at less than 4%, there’s a limited number of bright-eyed, brilliant candidates in the running. Because of this, the right hires are tough to come by. What’s the best approach to scouting, hiring, and securing talent in the IT industry?

While there is no black-and-white answer to this, there are several ways your company can rewire its current hiring strategy to achieve a better success rate. By reassessing the entire process — from listing an open position to securing a new team member for the long haul— you’ll most likely discover room for improvement in one or several of your current approaches.

Here are some challenges you’re likely to face when hiring a new IT team member for your company.

The Pace of Hiring New Candidates

The hiring process tends to drag, both for ambitious talent and companies seeking new recruits. And, if there’s top talent in the market, you can bet that your competitors are eyeing those same candidates. But in an industry that demands qualified professionals, your hiring process can’t afford to cut corners.

You’ve got to verify credentials, schedule assessments and interviews, make an offer, and get your new hire acquainted with your operations. Each step is as crucial as it is time-consuming. As such, you constantly run the risk of losing a great candidate to impatience or another offer along the way. Time is money, and you can’t afford to waste both.

In this market, the fear of missing out will be your demise. If you’re too busy worrying about finding the right candidate, you may not recognize talent that is within your line of sight. If you’re fortunate enough to find a solid candidate that fits the bill, don’t hesitate. Make your interest known through reliable, timely communication.

It’s time to tighten the process: If you can afford to shave off the excess steps in your hiring process, such as multiple interviews or extensive review periods, do it. Once your decision-making process is more precise, you establish respect for your candidates’ time— and you’re more likely to secure their devotion as the hiring process unfolds.

Employee Retention

Now that you’ve got top talent hook, line, and sinker, what can you do to retain your new IT employees? It’s no surprise that the industry is constantly expanding, introducing new positions and career paths as technology diversifies. How can you combat the appeal of shiny new offers from your competitors?

It starts with a great initial offer. Establish your candidate’s worth from the get-go with a salary and package that appropriately reflects their value and potential. Naturally, there are limitations to this suggestion: If you can’t afford a candidate’s requested salary, try compensating with employee benefits like paid time off and great health insurance. If you undermine their worth, you’ve already lost them.

Money makes the world go ‘round— but it’s not the only thing keeping your employees happy. IT professionals in particular will thrive in an environment that consistently challenges them to fine-tune their skillset and pick up new talents along the way. The journey should never plateau, especially in the world of information technology. Always provide outlets, resources, and opportunities for your employees to grow.

Perhaps the most important thing you can do for your employees is to be personable. Establish a strong line of communication and trust with them so you can get to the root of a problem before trouble spreads. Making yourself open to feedback mitigates the risk of a dissatisfied employee seeking solutions externally. If you aren’t able to communicate and negotiate with your employee, they’ll seek out a company that can.

Adapting to the Marketplace

It never hurts to stay in tune with what your competitors are up to, even when you’re the top dog. Keep tabs on the competition to see what’s working for them. What benefits do their current employees boast? What positions are they hiring for— and should you be doing the same?

Similarly, consider what facet of IT is most beneficial to your company. It isn’t unheard of for an IT professional to be hired for the wrong job, simply because the hiring company couldn’t articulate a proper description. If you’re having difficulty describing exactly what you’re looking for, the right candidates will not be able to find your listing.

This is where a staffing agency or contingent recruiting organization such as Continental Technologies can bridge the gap for you. Collaborating with representatives who can speak the language and pinpoint the specific kind of hire your company needs prevents wasting time, money, and effort on unqualified candidates. And, with several approaches to staffing your open position, you’re guaranteed to find a fit that’s best for your company.

Building Your IT Team

Are you ready to seal the deal with your top candidates? Don’t miss a beat— act with purpose and make sure your offer holds up. Adapt your workplace to distinguish a clear work/life balance and encourage independent growth and learning for your IT team. Most importantly, establish an open, healthy line of communication between your employees: That’s a foolproof way to know what is and isn’t working, straight from the source.

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