Mimecast – Cloud-Based Email


Cloud-Based Email Security Solution.

CTI knows that email brings countless benefits to your organization. We also know that if email security isn’t properly addressed, the consequences can be disastrous. User productivity can drop as spam clogs up mailboxes, networks can fall prey to malware attacks and sensitive data can be vulnerable to leaks and eavesdropping.

We can help your institution mitigate these risks and comply with government regulations without reducing email productivity. Mimecast is an email management service that provides 24/7 protection against all inbound and outbound threats for on-premise and cloud based email.

Mimecast is an email security, archiving and continuity gateway that helps organizations of all sizes to protect their users and data from security threats. Mimecast Encrypts, triplicates and stores a company’s human generated data – from voice to email, files to instant messenger – in a compliant , cloud based archive.

Mimecast’s Unified Email Management offers seamless integration of email security and continuity services to deliver continuous email security and DLP policy enforcement – even during outages. It is the first point of entry for inbound emails and the last point of exit for outbound emails. It ensures that spam does not enter your network and data is not leaked.

Email Security
Complete protection from spam, malware, viruses, phishing and data leaks.

Just Announced: Mimecast Internal Email Protect

91% of hacking attacks begin with phishing or spear-phishing. Your organization can’t afford a disruption to business operations – breaches cost millions and destroy reputations. Even with training, 23% of phishing emails are still opened by employees. So protecting the company against human error is a top priority. To combat this threat, Mimecast announces Internal Email Protect (IEP), a threat monitoring and remediation service for internally generated email, delivered as a purely cloud based security service. Internal Email Protect expands the capabilities of the Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection solution, enabling organizations to monitor, detect and remediate email-borne security threats that originate from within their email systems.

Email Archiving
“Bottomless” mailboxes, Outlook integration, real-time searches, complete security and audit trails for full email compliance.

Email Continuity
Keeps users working during outages, backed by 100% service availability SLA.

File Archiving
Provides a secure, reliable, scalable archive for all types of files.

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